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At Home With @FiveMinuteMum

For this weeks ‘At Home’ series, we are getting comfy *and messy* with @FiveMinuteMum and her two little ones. We asked her to put our #OopsProof sofas to the test, and here’s what she had to say…

“As many of you will know, after years of potty training, milky burps, and being made into dens, our sofas have seen better days. LivingProof wanted to see if I would put their sofas to the test. What? Surely no beautiful fabric sofa could be protected from my two? I was just going to buy some of those 90s blow up chairs that I could wipe clean and accept our lives now must be hideous in order to be wipeable!”

But no! @LivingProofSofas have Crypton technology that means they are not only spill proof but also odour and bacteria resistant, which is essential in our house. So now we can cuddle up together on our lovely cosy new Griffin Snuggler chair and footstool (with storage – who doesn’t need extra places to stow away toys?) to read a story, safe in the knowledge that any ‘whoopsie’ moments don’t matter – a much better way to relax all round!”

We asked @FiveMinuteMum to recreate a ‘whoopsie moment’ with something that often gets spilt on her sofas. The culprit? Black Current Juice.

“Luckily our new sofa from LivingProof is spill proof thanks to very clever technology in it that gives maximum protection from not just juice being dropped on it, but also from odours and damage too. So despite it going against every grain of my being, I agreed with the LivingProof Team that I  would put the sofa they very kindly sent me to the test and let the kids spill juice on it. I held my breath and watched as the bright purple liquid splashed over my beautiful brand new sofa, but the liquid just stayed on top of the fabric. After a quick wipe away it was not only gone but totally dry. Hurrah for that!

There’s a lovely collection to choose from and lots of fabrics, so if you’re on the lookout for something juice proof then Ewan and Florence highly recommend LivingProof, because it makes mummy a lot less on edge every time there is a beverage in our living room!”

To shop the full range, click here.

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