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Easter Holiday Activities

Each year we look forwards to the Easter break, as the nights draw out, the weather becomes more forgiving, and we can spend more time outdoors. Although the kids are on Easter break, it can often be tiring to keep them entertained. We’ve got you covered this Easter with a whole host of bakes, makes and activities you can try with your little ones to keep them amused.


This time of year means there is plenty of chocolate hiding in our cupboards. It’s often easy to become overwhelmed with it and can become more of a chore than a treat to consume it all. Why not try putting it to good use and make some Easter bakes that can be delivered to family members as a homemade festive treat? One of our all-time favourite recipes is Easter Nest Crispy Cakes. A four-ingredient wonder, it’s amazing that something so simple can be so delicious. Add your own twist by decorating with a topping of your choice!


Don’t quite fancy getting your chef’s apron out this Easter? No matter your age, there is no denying that getting involved in some Easter arts and crafts will bring out your inner child. There’s a whole host of crafts your kids can get involved in that are sure to get them excited and keep them occupied during the Easter break. Try and make the most out of what you have at home. Egg cartons, old jars, and cotton wool balls are just a few household items you can use. Why not try making some Spring Chicks out of your used egg cartons or even a Cotton Wool Lamb. Don’t worry, there are plenty of adult crafts for you to get involved in too! Have a go at creating your own Easter wreath, or how about going down the traditional path of decorating an egg?

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Now it goes without saying, every Easter holiday needs an Easter egg hunt. Jot down some creative clues for your little ones to go on a scavenger hunt on Easter morning. Use smaller individually wrapped eggs to keep that sugar intake down. We’re sure they will be spoilt with enough chocolate over the holidays! This is a great way to keep your Easter egg hunt inexpensive yet still as fun as ever. This spring break is set to be one that all the family can enjoy!

Happy Easter from all of us at LivingProof. We hope you catch 2 minutes to put your feet up and treat yourself to one of those delicious Easter bakes!

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