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Super Stain Resistant Technology

Part Fabric, Part Magic

Crypton™ Technology

Perfectly practical, each LivingProof piece is designed to cope with life's little mishaps.

Featuring Crypton™ patented technology, our fabrics are ultra-durable and super stain resistant, keeping your home safe from spills, stains, odours, and bacteria.

Our breakthrough technology is sealed into every fibre, giving you unapparelled protection against anything life throws at you.

Hero of the home? More like superhero

Repel, resist, release

No spill, stain, or odour is a match for us*

• Create your safe place with our antimicrobial protection which prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses by more than 95%*
• Stains disappear with our built-in stain repellency technology
• Most liquid spills will simply roll of with our integrated liquid-barrier, making cleaning easy
• Odours vanish with our fabric-fresh technology

*Standardized test AATCC 100 shows

*The following stains may not be completely removable and therefore are not covered by the LivingProof guarantee: Permanent Marker, Lipstick, Nail Polish, Mustard, Turmeric, Dye Transfer

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