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Where can I buy LivingProof?

LivingProof is an Online Exclusive. Carefully made with you in mind by the creators of Parker Knoll.

Click here to shop the full range on the Parker Knoll website.

Where is LivingProof made?

LivingProof is handmade in Britain by our team of experts.
Our ranges of sofas and chairs are made and designed by the same craftsmen and women who make Parker Knoll, a leading British brand known for high quality and design.

How does your stain resistant technology work?

All of our sofas and chairs feature our Crypton™ patented technology, meaning our fabrics our ultra-durable and will keep your home safe from spills, stains, odours, and bacteria.

Our breakthrough technology is sealed into every fibre, giving you unapparelled protection against those OOPs moments. To discover more, click here. 

Does LivingProof protect against bacteria?

Our antimicrobial protection will prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses by more than 95%*

*Standardized test AATCC 100 shows

I'm struggling to visualise the sofa in my chosen fabric

Don’t worry, we have this covered. Please visit the relevant product page and click ‘Buy Now’. This will take you to the Parker Knoll website where you will be able to visually customise your sofa.

What are your sofas filled with?

All of our sofas and chairs come with premium comfort foam seats as standard. This technology has been developed by us to create an ultra-comfy seating experience. It has a foam core, with a super soft topper, that will conform to your body shape, but bounces back and holds its shape. It’s the comfiest we have ever tested!
Our backs are fibre-filled, and foam arms as standard.

What scatter cushions come with my sofa?

All of our sofas come with inclusive scatter cushions in a fabric of your choice. Please refer to the dimensions table on the relevant product page to see what’s included with your purchase.

All scatter cushions are feather-filled with the option to change to fibre if desired.
You can order additional scatter cushions at an extra charge.

Can I change the feet on my sofa?

Each LivingProof product comes with the option of wooden or brushed metal legs, with the exception of the Griffin Accent Chair which is wooden only.
For more information on the different styles of legs available, please visit the relevant product page.

Can I order fabric samples?
How to Clean my LivingProof Sofa
I have a stain on my sofa - how do I clean it?

Oops! Don’t worry, we make cleaning easy.
Please follow the cleaning instructions provided in your Cleaning Kit. If you don’t have these to hand, click here.

My furniture smells - how do I clean it?

Our Odour Out spray is specifically formulated to eliminate odours instead of
covering them up. This works on everything from pets, smoke, spilled food and more.

To use, simply remove any excess debris and apply the odour remover to the affected area. Wait 10 minutes, rinse with clean water, then blot with a clean, dry towel.

Which Cleaner do I use?

At LivingProof, we make cleaning easy, but when life has been a little tougher on your sofa, you may need to use one of our specialised cleaning solutions.

If you have had an OOPS moment, and need to get a wine, drink, or a food stain out of your sofa, then use our Gold Stain Remover. If the little ones have been up to no good, and you’ve got a crayon or ink stain, our Purple Stain Remover is more suited.

For more information on how to clean, and which stain remover is best to use, click here.

What is covered in my 2 year fabric guarantee?

Life is full of little mishaps, that’s why we offer a 2 year guarantee with all LivingProof fabrics from the date of purchase to protect you against accidental damage*. If Crypton fails to perform in normal use please contact the store from where you purchased your LivingProof furniture.

Our specialist cleaning company will visit you in your home to spot-clean the affected area of your sofa. In the unfortunate event that this does not resolve the issue, we commit to replace and reupholster the particular panel of fabric on your sofa, ensuring your furniture is returned to you, as good as new.

The following stains may not be completely removable and therefore are not covered by the LivingProof guarantee:
Permanent Marker
Nail Polish
Dye Transfer

*Our guarantee only covers accidental and not deliberate damage.

What is covered in my 25 year frame and frame assembly guarantee?

You can sit comfortably knowing that we have you covered with a 25 year frame and frame assembly guarantee. This applies to all wood and wooden components of your sofa.

What is covered in my seat interior guarantee?

In the unlikely event that you should experience an issue with your seat interiors within the first 5 years of purchasing your LivingProof sofa or chair, we will repair or replace your furniture. This guarantee excludes issues arising as a result of normal wear and tear, improper care or accidental damage.

How long will it take for my LivingProof sofa to be delivered?

Your LivingProof order will be with you in 24 weeks.

How to Look After your furniture
How do I care for my Velvet sofa?

If you’ve chosen a velvet fabric it may shade, show pressure marks or flatten. Creases may form in the seat and back cushions where fillings flex. Don’t worry, these are normal characteristics of pile fabrics and are a sign of natural ageing.
Remove any creases with a steamer. Hold the nozzle right up to the velvet moving at a moderate pace across the crease in the direction of the nap.

How do I clean my wooden feet?

The wooden areas of your furniture should be wiped with a soft duster. You can also clean them with a diluted solution of warm water and vinegar, before buffing with a soft duster to restore the shine. Don’t use spray furniture polish.

How do I plump my cushions?

We recommend plumping your back cushions daily, so they hold their shape. To do this, remove them, hold the zip end and shake vigorously, making sure the interiors are worked into each corner. Once they’re plumped and even, pop them back on your sofa or chair, stick the kettle on, and enjoy that freshly plumped feeling.

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